The Heart of the Matter

DSC06Back in North America – back in the USofA. Performing Tuesday night at Rochester Friends Meeting in New York.

Mind you, things don’t happen quickly in Quaker circles. And yet – today I attended Meeting with Rochester Friends and during “joys and sorrows” shared the story of my past two weeks. I shared the joy I feel at being able to stay with my brother and his family here and at having Rochester Friends Meeting with whom to worship today. Afterwards, during hospitality (and what a spread Friends put out there!), I happened to be sitting next to the woman who leads the Religious Education program on Tuesday nights. She mentioned they were starting this week and had hoped I could be part of the series. I’m doing the performance on Tuesday night.

graceSee – Grace is a thing, a real, bona fide energy. I feel deeply blessed to have the opportunity to share Mary’s story with people in Rochester. Not performing over the past 2 weeks (when I had been for months gearing up to do so) felt just wrong.

So – if you or someone you know can be there, please be there! Rochester Friends Meeting House 84 Scio Street Rochester New York 14604. 6:30pm. All are welcome – child care provided. Mature themes – performance appropriate (with caution) for ages 13 and up.

I’m often told, by friends and family, that they are afraid anything we do or anything they say will become fodder for a blog or Facebook post by me. But beyond the performance, beyond all that appears to be happening in my world, is much that is too close to the bone for even me to share. Honest.

2 responses to “The Heart of the Matter

  1. This is great news! Paul’s father passed away last night and Paul will fly into Rochester Tuesday. It would be great if he and his family could attend your performance.


  2. That’s lovely of you – I cannot imagine him and/or his family wanting to go out to a performance at such a time. But, thank you for saying so. My deepest condolences to all who are grieving.


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