The Bigness of God and Towards a New Pro-Life Theology

God is GREAT, God is good, let us thank him for our food. Amen.

That’s the blessing we learned as children, before we were big enough to say the grownup’s blessing.

The first line, “God is great,” meant no more to me than another version of the second line. Great was just another short word that meant that same thing as “good.”

Today, the word “great” means big – really, really big. Bigger than we can imagine. Stars are great – some greater than others. Some are incomprehensibly great. And God is infinitely greater than the greatest of them.

I’ve recently discovered this most miraculous Roman Catholic nun, called Sister Joan Chittister. She boggles the mind, with her audacity. She makes me want to dance as fast as I can.

Please watch this – you’d best sit down, because not only is it profound, it’s long. But it’s worth it. So please watch and comment, and we’ll talk about it more in a few days.

Thanks, friends! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays!!

NOTE: there was a YouTube video here, but the post-er deleted their YouTube account. So you can find Sister Joan’s stuff by Googling. I hope you do! 

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