Back in the Kitchen with Jeannette


This weekend I’ll be in Sacramento, back under the lights at the California Stage, the company that commissioned A Single Woman.  I will be performing bits of the play and answering questions, and generally whooping it up pre-election. Jeannette was elected a hundred years ago this month, the first woman ever to serve in the major legislative body of a free country. It’s taken a hundred years for a woman to run for president, and, as it was for Jeannette, it’s a barn burner.*

Speaking of Jeannette – my inspiration, my friend, the guy who wrote the published version’s foreword, Kevin Giles, has a new hot off the press edition of his Flight of the Dove. It was first JR biography I read and the magic breadcrumb trail that helped me find my way through the agonizing process of writing a play that mattered to a whole lot of good-hearted, hopeful people in a world after the Twin Towers fell, when we were in the early days of this long, long period of war we’ve come to take for granted. Kevin interviewed me the other day and you can have a look at that conversation and at his great writing. Maybe you’ll want to download or purchase a copy of his newly titled edition, One Woman Against War: the Jeannette Rankin story. 

Interview by Kevin Giles

At any rate, next time I see you here, we’re going to have a new president.

As Jeannette says, many times, in A Single Woman, GOD HELP US.

*Yes, women have put their hats in the arena since the infancy of this republic. But no woman has ever made it to the top of the ticket of a major party. Dubious distinction, perhaps – many progressives (myself included) are unhappy with the limitations of a two-party system, but, dear friends, there it is. Here we are. We live in this reality, and it’s going to be what it is until we choose to change it. The Green Party’s Jill Stein is running, but she’s not going to be president. Hillary Clinton actually might be. WHOA!

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