Because DUH

I’m gonna spell it out – because people are reading this and privately contacting me to tell me I’m “wrong,” because “Hillary didn’t lose due to the fact that people aren’t ready for a woman to be president.” HUH?!! Is that what I seem to be saying? Damn.


Now for the original post, unedited – let me know if my perspective is clear…?


9433966I can only imagine how many millions of blog posts are being written right now, or have been written in recent days or will be shortly, addressing the world post 2016 US Presidential Election. It was the most disorienting thing we’ve ever seen, and we’re the people who brought you a sitting VP who full on shot and killed the nations first Secretary of the Treasury. We had a president who was so tied up in knots following the death of his little boy, that he had the child interred in an unsealed casket in a tomb so he could hold him, sporadically, over a period of three years. We are a freaky people.

The first time a woman reached the top of the ticket of a major party in the USofA, it was bound to be a nightmare. For all our progress (I guffawed as I typed that), we still carry a deep, insidious puritan spirit in our collective bosom. Beyond that, we have a growing prevalence of the overt kind of post 20th Century puritanism entrenched in the heartland and throughout every state in the union. I contend that is that persistent puritan strain that insists a woman is still unfit for the highest office in the land.

I can hear the howls of protest from all directions, none more vehement than from the “radical Left,” those who consider themselves revolutionary and post-feminist. There is no way, they tell me, that misogyny has anything to do with it. Hillary is a war criminal akin to a Margaret Thatcher or Catherine the Great. She cares nothing about anyone but herself and her rabid ambition. She ran for president because she always wanted to be president, and wanted to be the first woman president in order to carve out her place in history.

From the “Right,” I hear emphatic dismissals – Just because she’s a woman, is the worst reason to vote for anyone. She is not qualified. She was the WORST SECRETARY OF STATE EVER. She never would have been elected Senator, were it not for her husband’s stature. She is responsible, directly and completely, for the deaths of four Americans at the embassy in Benghazi, Libya. She is driven by craven ambition alone. She is the worst kind of criminal, the b word, the c word, a closet lesbian and the devil incarnate.

Okay, then.


We won’t give credence to or even acknowledge the millions of, ad nauseam, memes depicting the 2008 election’s darling of the Right, Sarah Palin, as the sexiest woman alive and Hillary Clinton as a “hag.” Because they would have done the same if she were a man, plus, they were joking. You feminists, we’re told, have no sense of humor. You liberals, we’re told, only care about political correctness. We’ll elect a man made famous for his locker room talk – some of the gnarliest stuff we’ve heard this side of Andrew Dice Clay – but we could never ever elect a woman who isn’t a combination Linda Lovelace and blessed virgin.

I don’t understand it, and I don’t think we ever will, as a people, as a society, ever fully understand what happened here in November 2016. What seems to be happening, though, is an unprecedented kind of free-for-all.

This man was banned for life from Delta airplanes after praising the president elect and calling out “Hillary bitches.” The New York times reported that Delta Airlines refunded the fares of every single passenger aboard that flight. There are recounts going on in three states, unlikely to make a difference, but decried by the president elect who, mystifyingly reacted with a tweet asserting that millions of people voted illegally. The president elect seems to be more stressed out than ever, burning up twitter with missives that alternate between defensive to wildly vitriolic, in spite of his placating words of comfort and atonement in the days following the election.

harvardpresI’m beyond trying to second guess the election results, and I’m not going to spend the next four to eight years criticizing the president – I’ve lost my stomach for that kind of thing. I lived through 8 years of Bush bashing followed by 8 years of Obama bashing. I had braced myself for Hillary bashing, but I underestimated how far reaching it would be, even after she lost the election.

A woman has reached the top of the ticket. I predict that it will be a long, long time before we see another there. Not because there aren’t thousands of qualified women, but because – duh.

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