Collective Stockholm Syndrome in the 21stCentury USofA


We’re going to be stuck and polarized until we wake up and realize that we are in prison.

We must shake off our national Stockholm Syndrome and get real about dismantling the three-headed monster that holds us hostage. That is the Military Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex and the Health Insurance industry.

  • With defense contractors in every single congressional district in the country (435), our elected officials commit political suicide by challenging the MIC. We must empower them by coming up with ideas for our communities to bend (not beat) those swords into plowshares. Those employers cannot just pack up and go home without destroying the economies in which they reside. We must claim them as our neighbors and we must help them as we would if their house were on fire.
  • With prisons in all 50 states, driving a trillion dollar industry, to suggest we close all the prisons tomorrow is to be laughed out of the room. We must empower our political leaders to help our towns, cities, counties and states bend those prisons into community centers – rehabilitation and healing centers for our communities.
  • The health insurance industry, another trillion-dollar nightmare, cannot be simply turned off. We must empower our elected leaders to work with insurance companies to bend those agencies into health care delivery centers. 

More heads can be added, of course – Big Pharma and the petro-chemical industries, to name two of the most obvious. And we cannot underestimate the power of greed. We must put our heads together and figure that one out, because it’s the most powerful motivator of all. Our captor/s represent millions of shareholders, many of them “progressives,” many of them our very selves, who will panic at the notion of losing dividends.

I don’t pretend it’s going to be easy. It will be harder than anything we’ve ever done. But what is the alternative?

We are tearing each other to shreds, watching Rome burn.


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